New Insta360 video documents Hunter Kowald’s creation of the Green Goblin-esque SkySurfer hoverboard

Insta360 SkySurfer Kowale

Movie fans have been wowed by images of the Green Goblin cruising the skies on a drone-esque hoverboard. But engineer, inventor, and fearless flight enthusiast Hunter Kowald has made that Marvel-ous ability a reality with his SkySurfer craft, thanks to a never-say-can’t determination to reach his goal that Insta360 features in a new video.

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Exclusive interview with a Hoverboard inventor [Video]

Well, this has been a long time in the making. But we were thrilled earlier today to have an opportunity to speak with Alexandru Duru, the CEO of Omni Hoverboards. Let’s dive in.

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Back to the Future: Drone-like hoverboards that carry people are taking off

One of the amazing things about drone technology is how people have quickly found other applications for its use. And one of those areas that really grabs our attention? Hoverboards.

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