DroneRise – Mercedes-Benz, DJI announcement, Yachting World, RoboTiCan and more…

DroneRise - Mercedes-Benz, DJI announcement, Yachting World, RoboTiCan and more...

Good morning, here are the headlines you may have missed. We have news about a new way to take down rogue drones, DJI’s official announcement of the postponed ‘See the Bigger Picture’ event, Yachting World recommending the five best drones for yachtsmen and women including the GoPro Karma of all drones! RoboTiCan’s Goshawk drone to take down rogue drones. And Ocean Alliance’s video of how a SnotBot helps to analyze a whale’s overall health. Grab a coffee and check it out!

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How do you like this? Mercedes Benz has discovered drones to help promote their cars such as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class that we can see driving through the beautiful Croatian landscape. Mercedes-Benz is a little late to the party perhaps as BMW has worked with DJI in the past already to do just this. You can check that one out right here.

Here is what Mercedes-Benz had to say:

“Check out the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class (2018) from a drone’s eye view driving through the beautiful Croatian countryside.”

Update: We had asked MB what drone they had used for the making of this video to which they responded:

“We’re happy you liked the video. 😊 We can’t share all of our secrets though… Thank you for your understanding! 😉”

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