Oklahoma drone bill needs careful review

Oklahoma drone bill needs careful review

A few days ago we reported on the proposed legislation against flying drones over private property in rural parts of Oklahoma. The rules would only apply to hobbyist drone pilots. Read that article here for more details. I just came across this post here in News OK by the Oklahoman Editorial Board that stressed that the Oklahoma drone bill needs careful review. Even though they raise some valid concerns, they do not mention that the sole authority to control airspace in the US falls with the FAA.

Oklahoma drone bill needs careful review

The Oklahoman Editorial Board writes in News OK:

The use of drones has raised reasonable concerns about their potential use in illegal activity. But legislative efforts to address these concerns often prove impractical. A Senate bill allowing people to be fined if they fly a drone over privately owned agricultural property may be the latest example.

…one wonders how property owners or law enforcement officials will be able to conclusively demonstrate a drone is being used for nefarious purposes.

Also, how likely is it that law enforcement officials will be on the scene to make an arrest, given that the bill is targeted at mostly rural areas with lower population and relatively few police?

…does it make sense to allow people to be locked up for a year for flying drones?

Attempting to thwart illegal drone activity is not a frivolous pursuit, and the threat of arrest, fines and imprisonment may prove the deterrent required. But there are many pragmatic concerns that need to be addressed before this bill becomes law. If the legislation creates more confusion than regulatory certainty, it will be no victory for private property owners.

What do you think about the Oklahoma drone bill? Let us know in the comments below.


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Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman

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