Drone rules Stories January 14

DJI welcomes proposed rules for drone flights at night and over people

After recently welcoming the new rules in Canada and in the UK, DJI issued an official statement today, saying that the Chinese drone maker welcomes the proposed rules for drone flights at night and over people. You can read the complete statement below.

Never mind the partial shut down of the U.S. Government. Today in a speech in Washington, the Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao said that the U.S. Department of Transportation would for the first time allow routine flights over people and flights at night without waivers as long as the drone operators take the appropriate safety precautions. This is a groundbreaking announcement that opens up the possibility of deliveries by drone and a range of other commercial drone applications.

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Drone rules Stories January 10

DJI welcomes new UK drone regulation in aftermath of Gatwick Fiasco

In the aftermath of the Gatwick Fiasco, the UK government outlined new drone rules in a document titled: “Taking Flight: The Future of Drones in the UK” to reduce the likelihood of another supposedly drone-caused fiasco at one of the major airports in England. Here’s DJI’s official response as they welcome new UK drone regulation.

Drone rules Stories July 5, 2018

In Tony Northrup’s newest video, he “hopes” that you will buy a drone… but believes that most of you shouldn’t. He makes this claim for more reasons than one, stating that there are very few places to fly drones in the world and that the cost is too high for something that he claims is “disposable.” As major advocates of drones with a channel dedicated to their use, why would Tony and Chelsea make a video about not purchasing one? Let’s dissect their argument.

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