Indian government blinks (hard), repeals draconian drone laws; see new rules

india drone rules 2021 new

In what can only be described as a win for the drone community in India, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has repealed the “UAS Rules” that came into force in March 2021. Based on the “valuable feedback from academia, industry, and other stakeholders,” a new set of draft drone rules are being introduced to regulate drone-related activities in a manner that they do not pose any risk to the safety or security of people and property.

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French drone tourist faces spy charges in Iran

A French tourist detained by Iran 10 months ago has finally been charged. Benjamin Briere was arrested after flying a drone near the Iran-Turkmenistan border. His lawyer says the drone tourist faces spy charges and may endure a long prison sentence if found guilty.

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You must register to fly your drone in the UK if it weighs 250 grams or has a camera

As drones become more advanced, countries are implementing new rules. The UK has done so, requiring camera drones to be registered before taking to the sky. You will also be required to register your drone if it weighs 250 grams and above.

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Fort Wayne City Council considers limits on drone flying

Today, the Fort Wayne City Council will consider a new ordinance that will put restrictions on when and where drones can be flown. The ordinance would restrict drone flying within a 5,500-foot radius of the Superior Lofts building or within a 500-yard horizontal radius of, or anywhere above, a public event without first notifying the city.

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FAA launches new Drone Safety Tips video on Facebook

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) launches a new Drone Safety Tips video on Facebook. The short clip starts off with the question: “Getting a drone? Before you fly, register it at” you can watch the entire clip here below as well as two videos from 51Drones, who did a great job explaining the registration process on YouTube.

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Oklahoma drone bill needs careful review

A few days ago we reported on the proposed legislation against flying drones over private property in rural parts of Oklahoma. The rules would only apply to hobbyist drone pilots. Read that article here for more details. I just came across this post here in News OK by the Oklahoman Editorial Board that stressed that the Oklahoma drone bill needs careful review. Even though they raise some valid concerns, they do not mention that the sole authority to control airspace in the US falls with the FAA.