DronePort Network joins Tulsa’s drone and AAM development plan

DronePort Network Tulsa

Aerial strategy and infrastructure specialist DronePort Network has formed a partnership with Osage LLC to develop and manage the large, multi-purpose Skyway 36 aviation facility, whose use by fixed-wing planes, drones, and next-generation passenger craft will be the cornerstone of the Tulsa Regional Advanced Mobility project (TRAM).

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What to expect from Oklahoma’s first and only drone festival: Thunderbird

The Thunderbird Drone Festival, taking place August 13-14, 2021, in Woodward, Oklahoma, will showcase drone filmmakers from all over the world, along with FPV drone races, a scavenger hunt from the air, and a drone technology expo.

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Oklahoma drone bill needs careful review

A few days ago we reported on the proposed legislation against flying drones over private property in rural parts of Oklahoma. The rules would only apply to hobbyist drone pilots. Read that article here for more details. I just came across this post here in News OK by the Oklahoman Editorial Board that stressed that the Oklahoma drone bill needs careful review. Even though they raise some valid concerns, they do not mention that the sole authority to control airspace in the US falls with the FAA.

Oklahoma considers drone restrictions for hobbyist drone pilots

One of the treaths against our ability to fly drones comes from states, municipalities, and landowners as they try to use privacy concerns and private property rights to ban drone flights over their property. Even though the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently restated that only they control the airspace in the U.S., now the State of Oklahoma considers drone restrictions for hobbyist drone pilots.

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