SwissDrones to enter Australia and the Pacific

SwissDrones Australia

SwissDrones is a leading drone manufacturer and has its SDO-50V2 product used around the world in critical missions for surveillance, search and rescue, inspections, and transport of goods. The company is now finally moving into Australasia as a focus area for 2020.

SwissDrones to enter Australasia

SwissDrones is focusing on aerial surveillance and inspections while in Australia by equipping its SD0-50V2 drone with high-end video and infrared cameras, night vision, heat, LiDAR, gas detection, hyperspectral and multispectral sensors, or radar. This will allow the clients to get the most data out of each flight. SwissDrones wants to add value for missions with the defense department, police, inspection and mapping services for infrastructure, coastal surveillance, fire fighting, search and rescue, and security operations.

Within search and rescue, the drone will be equipped with cameras and sensors to help in locating the person or animal. Once located, the drone is then able to drop off emergency equipment to aid in the recovery process. This will likely aid emergency services as well as the need for remote transportation by air.

The SDO-50V2 drone uses a turbine engine, using around 15 liters per hour and giving it a top speed of 27 meters per second, or approximately 60 miles per hour. The drone can carry around 40 kg with a maximum take-off weight of 85 kg. The drone has a 13-liter tank, with additional tanks available, giving the drone a maximum flight time of 2 1/2 hours. The drone also uses a proprietary Flettner dual rotor system, allowing for high weight payloads to be transported with stable flight patterns.

Swissdrones has been deploying its drones around the world since 2014, and for that, it has achieved a great reputation in the global market for long-range and heavy payload drones.

What do you think of the design of SwissDrones’ drone? Do you prefer it over the more common quadcopter style of drones? Let us know in the comments below.

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