PowerVision PowerEgg X first look and impressions

PowerVision PowerEgg X first look

We finally received our PowerEgg X from PowerVision, delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, and so far it is looking like a great three-in-one camera. The PowerEgg X is a unique take on a drone, with the ability to remove the arms, turning it into a handheld AI camera.

PowerVision PowerEgg X first look and unboxing

PowerVision sent over the waterproof bundle for us to test and use with the added benefit of a waterproof housing and buoyant pads allowing the drone to take-off and land from the water.

The first notable comment is the packaging around the drone is high-quality hard foam similar to the packaging of the DJI Phantom 4 series. The drone and all the parts included in the base model are packaged in the carrying case itself.

Now, onto the accessories and including the arms. PowerEgg X’s accessories are constructed out of high-quality plastic and use strong connectors. Notably, the gimbal cover has a small piece of rubber lining the inside, where the gimbal makes contact with the cover. The drone arms use the same plastic and have a strong snap when opened and closed. The propellers automatically unfold but are attached with two screws instead of a quick-release mount.

The PowerEgg X is enclosed in a glossy plastic with a matte plastic used for various elements, including the undercarriage, release buttons, battery, and battery compartment.

We are unable to use the product fully at this stage, due to issues connecting to a mobile device, we are waiting on a response from PowerVision. The drone is equipped with front-facing vision sensors, downward-facing vision sensors, and an ultrasonic sensor. The drone has a rear status light, two forward-facing red orientation lights, and the battery indicator at the top.

So far, spending the last few hours with the PowerEgg X the build quality is very impressive, almost on par with DJI’s. The connection method for the arms seems to be solid, time will only tell if the connection method will wear out. A considerable amount of thought has been put into the design of the product. For example, the handheld mount covers up to one of the release buttons for the battery door. PowerVision realized this and has added a button on the handheld mount to push the original button.

Be sure to watch out for our review on the PowerVision PowerEgg X coming out very soon. We will also be taking a look at the waterproofing accessories and will be sure to record when we are using it on and around water. Let us know if you have any questions you want answering.

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Photo: Josh Spires

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