AI Stories June 17

Researchers from Intel, the University of Zurich, and ETH Zurich have shown off an artificial intelligence (AI) system which allows drones to do acrobatics. The AI system removes the need for years of practice to complete flips, loops, and barrel rolls.

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AI Stories June 2

The best way to stay safe from sharks is to spot them as early as possible. Surf Life Saving NSW has been working with the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) trailing AI technology for detecting sharks in the waters off New South Wales, Australia. The trials have spanned over the last three years and came to an end this month.

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AI Stories June 7, 2018

Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in our everyday life. You find it in self-driving cars, smart speakers from companies like Google and Amazon, in the photo editing apps on your smartphone and of course in the Skydio R1 drone. Today we learn in a paper called Eye in the Sky, that researchers are trying to use AI together with drones to spot fighting people and other violence in crowds.

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