PowerVision PowerEgg X gets live streaming, video call update

PowerVision PowerEgg live video

PowerVision has released an update for its PowerEgg X drone and gimbal in one to allow users to live-stream and make video calls with it. The update comes as a surprise but is for sure a welcome addition, especially the live-streaming mode.

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PowerVision launches PowerEgg X extreme-weather drone

PowerVision definitely has its own take on drones. Its new PowerEgg X looks like, well, an egg. It can be a standalone smart camera or be outfitted with quadcopter rotors to fly like a standard drone. We’ve had our eye on this curiosity for a while, and it’s now available for purchase, at $899.

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Why DroneDJ hasn’t reviewed the PowerVision PowerEgg X yet

Late last month we got our hands on PowerVision’s PowerEgg X, and we were excited to get out and test it, unfortunately, due to a technical issue, we weren’t able to. The PowerEgg X was looking like a great drone as it made its appearance at CES this year. The drone was promising competition with its unique ability to land, and take-off on water, and its unique egg shape, of course.

PowerVision PowerEgg X first look and impressions

We finally received our PowerEgg X from PowerVision, delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, and so far it is looking like a great three-in-one camera. The PowerEgg X is a unique take on a drone, with the ability to remove the arms, turning it into a handheld AI camera.

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PowerEgg X is an AI camera that turns into a drone

This year at CES, PowerVision showed off its latest product the PowerEgg X, a stationary camera, a camcorder, and a drone all in one. The PowerVision PowerEgg X is a waterproof camera with a flight time of 30 minutes, 4K 60 fps video, flies in winds up to 38 kph, and can take off on water.

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