Impossible Aerospace launches Air Support for first responders

Impossible Aerospace Air Support

Impossible Aerospace has launched its latest product, Air Support, a new service aimed at helping first responders respond to emergencies using a fleet of Impossible US-1 drones located on the roofs of various buildings. Air Support will allow cities to respond to emergencies 10 times faster and allows crucial information to get to first responders before arriving on the scene.

Impossible Aerospace launches Air Support to save lives

Impossible Aerospace’s Air Support program utilizes a fleet of drones positioned on various rooftops to be deployed once an emergency arises. The drones, in most situations, will be able to get to the scene faster than first responders on the ground and in the air, providing useful information to them and even acting as a deterrent to a crime under way.

The new program will allow current public service agencies and first responders to be equipped with drones, allowing them access to the drones if required. An operator will then send location information to the drone, and it sets off to get to the scene as fast as possible.

The Impossible US-1 has a flight time of 78 minutes while flying with a standard payload and a max speed of 45 mph. The drone is equipped with Tesla’s battery technology and has batteries lining the arms of the drone, giving it its 78-minute flight time. The remote controller is equipped with a Samsung Tab S5E tablet and an HDMI output to allow other first responders to take a look at the footage captured by the drone.

Impossible Aerospace will visit the site where you want to deploy the drones and provide a proposal on the coverage, aircraft, hardware, and anything else required to get up and running. The team will also help out with training the pilots required for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights along with the Certificate of Authorization (COA) required by the FAA. Impossible Aerospace also suggests that two drones should be deployed to ensure 100% uptime.

Would you deploy drones if you were a first responder? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Photo: Impossible Aerospace

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