Police Stories September 7

According to a post from Rick G. on Facebook, his DJI Inspire 2 was shot out of the air by an angry neighbor in Ohio last night. The drone crashed down to earth from about 168 feet high. The aircraft, as you can see in the photo was heavily damaged as a result. The pilot has a pretty good idea who had shot down the drone. He went to the house and finally got his Inspire 2 back after the neighbor first denied shooting it down. The drone pilot then turned to Facebook for advice.

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Police Stories August 21

A suspected burglar was apprehended with the help of a police drone in Kelso, WA. On August 17, the Kelso police were informed about a man who had broken into a car storage area. The 45-year-old man tried to hide and evade being arrested but he was no match for the police drone.

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Police Stories August 20

Law enforcement officials in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania have been using a drone for the last three months, before announcing their new crime-fighting tool and say that it has taken public safety to a new level. Not only has the unmanned aircraft system (UAS) been used to fight crime, it has also helped in locating missing persons.

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After a motor vehicle accident occurs, police investigators take measurements of the scene using chalk marks, tape measures, and roller wheels. Laser scanning tools have begun to replace older methods but even this can take a crew hours to complete causing massive delays in traffic. Some police departments like the one of Tazewell County, Illinois have begun using drones to get an aerial perspective of traffic incidents, greatly improving overall efficiency.

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Police Stories July 21

Drone and K-9 used to catch suspects in Minnesota cornfield

Two suspects were caught in a cornfield west of Willmar, Minnesota last Wednesday with the help of a drone and a K-9 after fleeing from a drug task force agent.

Police Stories June 6

Chinese drone maker, DJI is making a big push into the commercial drone market this year. Yesterday afternoon the company announced a partnership with Axon to sell drones directly to police officers through Axon’s Air program. Axon is the company that was formerly known as Taser. The partnership with Axon will allow police forces around the country to easily order DJI drones such as the Phantom of Matrice through Axon’s connected data network and Evidence.com services.

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