Police Stories January 22

UK police warn criminals: ‘You won’t be able to hide from our new drone’

In the UK, the police have warned criminals, “You won’t be able to hide from our new drone,” which can track suspects fleeing crimes such as burglary and robbery. As part of a new drone team at the Nottinghamshire Police, 15 officers are being trained as drone pilots. Once the officers arrive at the scene of a crime, a drone can be deployed within eight minutes.

Police Stories January 21

The police shot a reporter’s drone out of the sky in the municipality of Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, Mexico, on Monday morning.

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Police Stories January 14

A report by UK‘s Air Accidents Investigation Branch found that DJI Matrice 200 drones used by police were falling out of the sky in the rain due to a technical fault. The drone pilots lost full control and power of the drone causing it to fall straight down to the ground while in use by police.

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Police Stories January 7

The Nottinghamshire Police force in the UK, along with the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue, is adding a 24/7 drone team as a new way to improve security as well as for use in emergencies. The team will also have a dedicated drone car used for fast responses and as a mobile ground station.

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Police Stories December 18, 2019

Exposed Dronesense data shows flights of police drones. Dronesense, a company that provides a platform to law enforcement and government agencies as well as private clients for flying drones, accidentally exposed a database of customer data. The information in some cases showed exactly where the police drones had flown.

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Police Stories December 13, 2019

In Ohio, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office buys a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual with drugs money that was seized after arrest and conviction. The law enforcement agency adds the “Swiss-army knife” to its fleet after having discussed the $4,500 purchase for over one year and acknowledging that the drone is a “very impressive piece of equipment.” Its ability to cover a lot of ground quickly could be “the minutes that count between life and death.”

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