Impossible Aerospace launches Air Support for first responders

Impossible Aerospace Air Support

Impossible Aerospace has launched its latest product, Air Support, a new service aimed at helping first responders respond to emergencies using a fleet of Impossible US-1 drones located on the roofs of various buildings. Air Support will allow cities to respond to emergencies 10 times faster and allows crucial information to get to first responders before arriving on the scene.

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San Pablo police get three US-1 drones from Impossible Aerospace

The San Pablo police have purchased three US-1 drones from Impossible Aerospace to “keep our community safer and our officers much safer,” says Capt. Brian Bubar. The battery-powered drones from Impossible Aerospace are known for their incredibly long flight times.

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Impossible Aerospace provides 4K footage of US-1 drone in flight [video]

Here’s 4K footage of the US-1 drone midair. The footage was provided by Impossible Aerospace and is the first time the company released footage of their drone in action. As you can see in the video the US-1 drone flies over a commercial area. The footage is shot from another drone, presumingly another US-1 drone. The US-1 drone seems to be a very agile and stable drone, which is perhaps somewhat surprising as it is a sizeable aircraft. It weighs around 16 pounds and measures 26″ by 26″.

Update: Aerospace Impossible asked us to replace the original video with this new one. The original video was sent to us by mistake and was not meant to be released.

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Impossible Aerospace, founded by former Tesla engineer launched a new drone with a two-hour flight time

Impossible Aerospace first showed their new drone the US-1 at InterDrone last week. What sets this drone apart from all other quadcopters, is its 2-hour flight time. This unmanned aircraft is uniquely designed with the batteries forming an integral part of its structure. As a result, the drone can fit many more batteries and thus achieve its extra long flight time. A little background information on the company and its founder may explain this radical approach to the design of the drone. The US start-up Impossible Aerospace was founded by former Tesla module battery design engineer Spencer Gore in 2016. The Sunnyvale, California-based company has received $9.4 million in a Series A funding to develop the drone.

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