FlytBase, Firnas Aero to provide aerial security in Saudi Arabia

FlytBase Firnas Aero security

FlytBase has announced that it will partner with Firnas Aero to provide aerial security services to commercial clients in Saudi Arabia. The two will provide 24/7 autonomous aerial security to protect assets and large facilities.

FlytBase has shared that many companies are currently seeing the benefits of using drones firsthand and even more so during the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, assets and facilities don’t have as many people staffing them anymore, creating the perfect use case for drones that are able to lower costs and improve efficiency, only needing to come down when a new battery is required.

The news comes a few days after the company announced its partnership with RAWview to provide aerial security services to customers in the UK.

The aerial solutions provided by both companies will allow for drone operators to access real-time data and video feeds. The FlytNow software will allow for drone fleets to be used in the surveillance and security operations via an easy-to-use dashboard that allows operators to plan flights, access data, and ensure everything is running smoothly.

As Tariq Nasraldeen, Founder CEO of Firnas Aero said:

“We remain focused on utilizing the power of aviation technology, especially Unmanned Aviation Vehicles (UAVs), to solve pressing business challenges. Connecting people to each other is the idea at the heart of all aviation, and this partnership with FlytBase empowers our users to access real-time video feeds over the cloud, and even control their drones remotely – with the intent of 24×7 security.”

Nitin Gupta, FlytBase CEO followed up with:

“This partnership with Firnas Aero leverages our expertise in drone automation software with their world-class services to support security enterprises in the Middle East. Given the recent events, and the urgent need to minimize human exposure to unfriendly environments, we are witnessing a rapid adoption of drone solutions for aerial security and surveillance. We expect this partnership to help customers automate and scale their operations, save time and costs, improve safety, and ensure security.”

Photo: FlytBase

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