GoPro Hero 9 unboxing hits YouTube showing off front display

GoPro Hero 9 unboxing

An unboxing of the unreleased GoPro Hero 9 Black has hit the internet in the form of a YouTube video showing off the new features for the first time. The unboxing video shows off the GoPro’s new packaging and the front display.

The Hero 9 is now out you can learn more about it now.

The video starts with the GoPro still in its retail packaging with all the standout features displayed on it. Underneath the cardboard layer, we can see a hardshell case that doubles as the protective packing for the Hero 9.

Inside the hardshell case, we are greeted with the GoPro Hero 9, the charging cable, battery, and mounting hardware. In the mesh section above, we can see a ‘Subscribe to GoPro’ leaflet that is presumably trying to sell the GoPro Plus subscription to the customer. In the box, we can see a white plastic or cardboard insert that is used to keep the Hero 9 and accessories from moving around in shipping.

One other thing we can see from the video is the plastic that seems to be covering most of the camera. The lens and the front and rear displays all have protectors on them along with the perimeter of the GoPro. This is also to keep the camera safe in its new packaging.

What we already know about the Hero 9

The new Hero 9 will be released on September 16th with what seems to be an increased price tag. In a recent tweet by Roland Quandt, he shared the price of the upcoming GoPro Hero 9, suggesting, you can expect to pay more for it. If he’s correct, the new GoPro Hero 9 will cost 479 Euros, a 49 Euro premium, or an 11.4% increase over the GoPro Hero 8 Black. If we convert this to USD, it will cost around $439 for the new GoPro Hero 9.

The new GoPro will feature a sensor capable of taking 20 MP stills and video at 5k 30 fps. It will also be able to shoot in slow-motion at up to 240 fps or 8x. Hero 9 will feature voice control and will be waterproof to 33 feet. GoPro Hero 9 will feature the improved HyperSmooth 3.0, which will allow for even smoother footage than previous GoPros. Once again, the GoPro Hero 9 will take RAW and HDR photos.

Of course, the Hero 9 Black will feature the rear touchscreen and the brand-new front display for easy framing and vlog-style recording. The GoPro will come with the new TimeWarp 3.0 — an improvement over 2.0 — and with webcam mode right out of the box. You will also be able to live stream from the camera at 1080p.

The GoPro Hero 9 Black will feature a 1720mAh battery, which is almost 41% larger than the current battery found in the GoPro Hero 8 Black at 1220mAh. Hopefully, this means a slight increase in battery life but is likely for the 20 MP capable sensor. An additional charger can be bought to charge the batteries and is rumored to have some sort of quick charge capability.

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