GoPro Stories May 13

There is a lot of chatter online about the upcoming DJI event on May 15th. The lack of hype around the event almost certainly means it won’t be a new drone. The “Unleash Your Other Side” campaign features a beautiful bikini-clad woman suspended underwater and most sources believe that this new product will feature a waterproof camera. As the leaks pour in that seems to be confirmed as the Verge among others believe that the event will be highlighting the new DJI Osmo Action, a GoPro Hero style action camera. expand full story

GoPro Stories February 6

For the GoPro Awards, the action camera company invites people to submit the most amazing GoPro footage they can record. Well, this video of an FPV drone flying in between the parachute strings of a BASE jumper qualifies as some of the craziest FPV drone footage, we have seen. Check it out in the video below.

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DJI Mavic Pro

GoPro Stories September 24, 2018

In another very good and detailed review from DC Rainmaker about the new GoPro Hero 7, he mentions that the action camera company actually went through the trouble of updating the firmware for the Karma drone and grip to be compatible with the camera’s new features… “For the six people still flying the GoPro Karma drone”, he said with a smirk. Of course there’s more to the new camera so jump right in!

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GoPro Stories September 23, 2018

A few days ago, GoPro released their new Hero 7 action camera. Many FPV drone racers use GoPro cameras to capture amazing footage. Just check out some of these clips from the NYC Drone Film Festival earlier this year. Gab707 gives his thoughts on the Hero 7 in a YouTube video that is first, exclusively shared with DroneDJ. Check it out below and find out if the GoPro Hero 7 is the new must-have camera to capture stunning, stabilized aerial footage with your FPV quad.

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GoPro Stories January 8, 2018

At the end of last week, news broke that GoPro would be eliminating 200 to 300 jobs from its Karma drone division. Now, the company is reportedly putting itself up for sale (updated below).

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In a public statement announcing their preliminary fourth quarter 2017 results, GoPro also stated that it will exit the unmanned aerial vehicle or drone market after having laid off all its employees in their drone department last week and after selling the remaining Karma drone inventory.

Currently, you can pick up a Karma drone for $999 with a GoPro Hero6 camera, just keep in mind that you’re buying a product that has been discontinued and that will not receive any further updates, although GoPro states that it will service and support Karma owners.

It would not surprise us if GoPro were to discount the Karma even more in the future.

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