GoPro Stories June 24

Last month a new GoPro action camera appeared on the FCC’s testbench, one month later and there is still only one new listing on the FCC’s database. This could mean GoPro will be ditching the two-camera release model and creating an all-in-one GoPro and 360-degree camera.

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GoPro Stories May 11

A few days ago, what is believed to be the GoPro Hero 9 action camera made its way onto the FCC’s test bench. That encouraged us to do some digging, and we have found two new trademarks submitted by GoPro recently in relation to two new possible products.

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GoPro Stories May 8

A new FCC listing from GoPro has appeared online earlier this week with what looks to be its next camera, the new GoPro Hero 9. While we are only able to see the location of the FCC’s label within the camera software, looking at the menus reveals something new. expand full story

GoPro Stories January 7

The GoPro Karma is one of the most drama-ridden drones to come from a large tech company, with GoPro being forced to recall the drone due to an issue causing it to drop out of the sky. This later forced GoPro to leave the drone business altogether and let go of a large number of people.

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GoPro Stories November 25, 2019

During the launch of the GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max 360, GoPro decided to market the GoPro Max 360 as a normal camera with optional 360 modes. Is this a sign of the future for GoPro cameras or is it just another marketing technique used by GoPro. Either way, let’s take a look.

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GoPro Stories October 15, 2019

Skydio launched its latest drone, Skydio 2 earlier this week after months of sharing teasers. Skydio 2 is the perfect filming sidekick for any adventure or a commercial operation. GoPro’s Karma was a flawed attempt at creating a drone, what if GoPro and Skydio joined forces?

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