The best Black Friday 2020 drone deals: A DroneDJ roundup

Black Friday drone

We’ve noted a few of the amazing deals out there earlier. We figured it made sense to round them up into one post!

Black Friday shopping is a mixed blessing. There are indeed some great deals out there, but you have to find them! And just like a shopping trip to Costco, you kind of have to know what things are worth the rest of the time. Some promotions that appear to be deals just aren’t. This post is our attempt to take the guesswork out of it and save you some research. Because, really, you don’t want to spend all day doing comparison shopping.

Ready? Sure you are. Let’s get to it.

The Black Friday deals

One of the best deals we’ve seen is a DroneDJ exclusive. Shenzhen’s BetaFPV is offering a sitewide 20% off. BUT… if you use a special DroneDJ code at checkout, you’ll get an extra 5% off. That means products like the FPV Whoop Racing Advanced Kit 2 are substantially reduced. This favorite for FPV newbies is regularly priced at $199.99 and is now just $149.99.

This BetaFPV kit is now only $149.99 with the DroneDJ Code

Seriously. You get a brushless drone, radio, and goggles (plus two batteries and charging adaptor) for $149.99. How can you beat that?

Of course, BetaFPV has tons of other products you can check out here. Just remember to use the code DroneDJ25Beta at checkout. The 25% off applies to all regularly priced items. The sale ends December 1.


Pick and choose carefully – there are some gems!

We’ve already noted the big DJI Black Friday sale here. But we figured it’s worth mentioning again. As with any online sale, you need to know your regular prices and accept that you’re not going to get deals on recently released products like the Mini 2.

But you will get some great prices on the original Mavic Mini — and even better prices if you are ordering from inside Canada. DJI tells us trade tariffs in the US account for the difference. Here’s the US price:

That’s the price if ordering from the United States…

And here are the Canadian prices: $50 cheaper!

Our pick?

There are some pretty good deals if you’re looking. The Osmo Action camera is one of our favorites:

It’s even cheaper in the US…

$170 off!

Now check out the price on the Osmo Action cam from the US.

Really. You just can’t beat this price.

That’s a pretty amazing deal.

Beagle Drones and Kickstarter

We’ve written about Dwight Neptune and his Beagle Drones startup before. The company builds FPV kits that are painless for creatives who want to learn how to fly and capture video. We also reported when Beagle Drones launched its Kickstarter campaign for the Nova, a sub-250 gram CineWhoop with some Bladerunner stylings:

Check out the Nova’s features!


We swapped a text with CEO Dwight the other day. Because they’re so blown away by the success of this campaign, they’re going to produce a NOVA with some upgrades. Here’s what he texted:

We’re also upgrading NOVA’s internals with an F7 flight controller and a 35 amp ESC. That’s up from its initial F4 flight control with a 25-amp ESC. So it will fly significantly better and be more future-proof for updates. The camera sensor will also be increased with improved stabilization and will now also have an ND filter.

Dwight Neptune, CEO Beagle Drones

You can find the Beagle Drones Kickstarter campaign here.


This global leader in 360° cameras and software is always on our radar – and even more so now. Its rockstar Insta360 ONE R is now $96 off.

Good deal on the ONE R

The ONE R can be mounted on a drone. In fact, the BetaFPV X Knight 360 has been specifically designed for you to shoot 360 goodness by mounting this camera inside the body – with a lens poking out each side! And don’t forget – use the code DroneDJ25Beta and you’ll get 25% off instead of 20%! Oh yes — their new ONE X2 is available here.


This store is one of the very original online FPV outlets. Owner David Klein is incredibly knowledgeable and has a massive inventory. And – you guessed it – he’s got a Black Friday sale going.

Some great deals here…

Rotorgeeks is offering up to 50% off certain items in that inventory, and 10% across the board. This includes items that normally never receive a discount.

“There are some great deals and discounts on things that don’t get discounted during the rest of the year,” Klein tells DroneDJ. “You’ll find discounts on FrSky, TBS, and even Fat Shark.”

But not if you don’t look. Check out Rotorgeeks deals here.

Learn something

You might recall that we recently took at look at drone pilot Johan Vandenhecke’s Drone Adventurer Masterclass course. Johan is an excellent pilot, who has picked up a ton of knowledge on how to get the perfect shot — and how to market that shot!

Johan’s Masterclass…

Right now, for 24 hours only, Johan is offering a $100 discount on his $299 course to DroneDJ readers. Use the code DD-BF100 at checkout. Remember, this is a time-limited deal.

And a new discovery

Finally, to round out our wrap-up, we wanted to point out an online store that has a wide product selection and gets great customer reviews. It’s based in Shenzhen, and it called Hobbymate Hobby. The company sells some great looking chargers, and even carries a selection of drones made by other manufacturers, including BetaFPV. Customer feedback appears to be awesome:

People seem pleased with the gear and services…

We’ll be checking out Hobbymate Hobby in more detail down the road. And while it doesn’t have an advertised Black Friday sale, the store’s broad inventory makes it pretty interesting. You can check it out here.

Happy shopping!

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