Finnish energy company turns to drones to inspect powerlines

Finish energy company drones inspect

Finnish energy company Järvi-Suomen Energia has turned to drone company Hepta Airborne to inspect its powerline network with drones. The drones will first be used to inspect powerlines after storms as a part of a test before the company moves to drones permanently.

The partnership has seen powerlines inspected at a much faster rate than current methods allow. The use of drones has also shown the cost reduction that can be had when using a drone over a person and equipment to get them to the powerline.

Using the drones also means no one has to walk under loose or frayed powerlines that could injure or kill someone. The drones used are also able to withstand winds of 20 meters per second and provide 24/7 surveillance. The drones can also stay in the air for up to three hours at a time.

Tomi Öster, said Business Development Manager at Järvi-Suomen Energia said:

“We are interested in taking into use new opportunities with the best quality and speed. It is essential for us to ensure the permanent availability of electricity for our customers. Reducing power outage time is one of the priorities.”

Earlier this year, Hepta Airborne tested out 5G drones at a stadium in Athens, Greece, to see how network connectivity could be improved at concerts, football games, and public demonstrations.

Using 5G drones allows the network to support more people by sending up an extra drone to handle the bandwidth needed. Current solutions used by telecom companies require a 90-day period to set everything up and make sure it’s working. This test aims to see drones in the air within 90 minutes, saving time and money in the long run.

Check out these drones being used for aerial inspections:

Photo: Järvi-Suomen Energia

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