Dubai Shopping Festival entertains with a drone light show

Dubai Shopping Festival drone show

Dubai has turned its entertainment up a notch with a drone light show to celebrate the Dubai Shopping Festival packed with deals and live entertainment over the festive season. The drone show will continue to fly every day until the end of the festival on January 30th.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a once a year event that combines amazing shopping deals with live entertainment, including a drone show. The festival runs from December 17th and goes until January 30th.

The drone shows have been playing since the beginning and will continue for the duration of the festival. Each day there is a show at 7 and 9:30 pm, both following a different theme, ‘A City of Adventure’ and ‘Dubai, From the Past to the Present.’

Now for the show. We are not sure which is being displayed below, but it looks like it might be ‘A City of Adventure’ from the images below. At the bottom of the video, you can see the speed at which the flags are moving. It is impressive to see the drones staying in formation.

The show starts with the drones taking-off from the beach and lighting up. The lights then turn off to allow the drones to get into formation. First, what looks to be a shopping bag is displayed, then various architectural symbols from around the city. I’ll leave the rest of the show for you to watch below.

Drone light shows

Drone light shows have been a hit ever since Intel started performing them at major events to show off its technology. Check out the rest of our coverage on drone light shows and the countries using them the most.

What do you think about drone light shows? Would you watch a drone light show considering the benefits they have over fireworks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo: Ingrid’s TV

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