From Iceland, with love: DJI’s new FPV video of lava fountains

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When it comes to internet-breaking FPV drone videos from the fiery eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, every take is a hot take (quite literally). But none so hot as the one we all have been waiting for: a slick new video of the spewing volcano, which comes with a DJI seal of approval.

Ever since the long-dormant volcano awakened about 20 miles (32 kilometers) southwest of Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavik in March 2021, it has opened up a whole new world for drone pilots – both FPV and non-FPV. Because it’s not advisable to get too close to a volcano that’s burping out glowing orange-red lava (the fumes can be quite toxic), drones have emerged as the perfect tools to monitor and document the situation from a safe distance.

Iceland: a paradise for FPV drone pilots

At DroneDJ, we have put out several stellar videos of mesmerizing aerial shots capturing the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. In one insane footage, you can actually see the FPV drone melting right inside the active crater.

DJI’s new video, meanwhile, has been shot using both an FPV drone and a Mavic 2 Pro. For this video, the drone manufacturer roped in Ása Steinars, an uber talented adventure photographer and videographer based out of Iceland. Let’s watch the video first:

The voiceover for the video has also been provided by Steinars, who insists that adventure content is her niche:

Growing up in the north, surrounded by extreme landscapes and forever changing weather has given me a tight bond to nature and its forces. I’m happiest when I’m outdoor, exploring and taking on new challenges. My lifestyle is built around adventures, where the industry is often lacking girls within that niche. Most of the time, you’ll find me at the Icelandic country side with a camera in hand.

Only this time, the camera has been replaced by a drone. Even before DJI commissioned the above video to Steinars, she has been creating stunning drone videos of the lava-spewing volcano.

Here are a couple of beauties:

With international travel slowly opening up, more and more people are itching to travel to Iceland to marvel at the bubbling volcano in person. But until that happens, first-person-view drone videos will continue to be the next best thing in capturing this wonder of nature.

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