From Iceland, with love: DJI’s new FPV video of lava fountains

dji virtual flight fpv firmware fly app update

When it comes to internet-breaking FPV drone videos from the fiery eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, every take is a hot take (quite literally). But none so hot as the one we all have been waiting for: a slick new video of the spewing volcano, which comes with a DJI seal of approval.

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An eruption of sizzling volcano drone flights from Iceland

It’s not every day that a volcano erupts close to home. But with the fiery eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, FPV pilots are taking advantage of this exceedingly rare occurrence. And it’s producing videos like we’ve never seen before.

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Drone with LED lights creates halos over rock formations

These photos are some of the best drone-based art, we have come across in a while. Photographer Reuben Wu has been using drones with LED lights attached to them to light landscapes at night. Also referred to as light painting. In these photos he added another element, a drone create halo effect over the rock pinnacles. as you can see in the photos the result is amazing!

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