This Jaguar Land Rover showroom FPV drone tour is next-level

Jaguar Land Rover FPV drone tour

Think you are done with CineWhoop-style drone videos? This legendary single-take FPV drone tour of a newly refurbished Jaguar Land Rover showroom in Brighton, UK, will make you think again.

We know, we know. Ever since that one-shot drone video of the Minnesota bowling alley blew up, FPV videos using cinematic quadcopters, or CineWhoops, have become all the rage. We’ve also featured some of the most amazing CineWhoop work out there on DroneDJ, including FPV tours of the Mall of America and Lake of the Ozarks.

But if, somehow… just somehow, you have FPV drone video fatigue setting in, this mind-bogglingly good car dealership CineWhoop will shake you right out of your stupor.

Silky smooth flying, on-point choreography, people taking their faces out of the drone’s path only seconds before, brilliant sound design, and a gorgeous set – this video has everything to make it worth a couple of minutes of your time.

Let’s watch the video before we unveil the makers of the production, along with some dope BTS details about the drone and the technical challenges faced by the team:

Behind-the-scenes with JLR FPV drone tour

So, this masterpiece comes from the house of CineCloud, a UK-based company specializing in aerial imaging and FPV videos. The single-take precision flying has been done by company founder and drone operator Jason Smith.

The drone used has been custom-built at CineCloud using a Shen Drones Squirt V2 airframe with a GoPro Hero mounted on top to film in 4K. To fly the drone manually, Jason used the DJI FPV system. He says:

The ducts around the propellers are 3D printed. The ducts make the airflow intake more efficient as well as offering a safe environment for when we fly indoors or closely around talent and objects.

Buzz, the ducted FPV drone

Now, if like us, you also wondered just how Jason managed to maintain the signal in such a big facility, capturing a no-cuts video no less, it’s because he was being wheeled around in a chair while filming. Talk about modern problems requiring modern solutions!

As for the sound recording, that was done separately. Jason tells:

The drone makes a loud noise, so it’s impossible to record audio at the same time, unfortunately! We walked around the exact same path with a microphone to capture each piece of audio. Then placed it into the scene in post/edit.

Jason also reveals that he did a couple of walk-throughs holding the drone and practicing the actions with the talent to work on the timing, followed by a couple of practice runs to make sure nobody wavered from their choreographed moves. The video you saw above was the third and final take.

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