Drone pilots can’t stop shooting video of Iceland’s volcano…

Drone volcano video

Just when we think we’ve seen every imaginable drone video of Iceland’s volcano, something new comes along that – like the volcano itself – is red hot. And this one reflects how the volcano is like a shape-shifter, ever-changing and unpredictable.

We’ve seen no shortage of drone video from Iceland’s amazing Fagradalsfjall volcano. We’ve seen a Mavic 2 Pro that nearly melted but kept on flying. We’ve seen a DJI FPV drone flown to its doom. And, if you check out those stories… you’ll find we’ve had other stories as well. All of them, in their own way, are different.

And so is this one.

Drone video of massive lava “lake” at volcano

Part of the reason we keep an eye out for these videos is because different pilots have different approaches. Some are intent on getting as close as they can to the molten crater, while others focus on the big picture from higher altitudes. Some fly FPV, while others use standard drones. All techniques produce different results.

But what’s just as interesting is that the volcano itself is constantly changing. It appears to run through cycles that follow this pattern: Eruption and geyser-like lava ejections, followed by a calmer period where the pool of lava settles down and even forms a thin crust. Then, after what seems almost like a rest, that lava lake starts to get a little antsy, growing, roiling and restless. And then, eventually, there’s another eruption and the cycle begins anew.

We haven’t seen this kind of “lake” before

This video was shot by Léon Frey, a geologist from Switzerland whose YouTube channel description states: “I am a big fan of volcanoes.”

And we… are big fans of this video:

Wait, there’s more!

This isn’t Léon’s first magma rodeo. He’s been a pretty busy pilot, and has a few other pretty spectacular vids on this channel. Like this one, shot at night using his DJI Mavic Air 2:

We also quite like this drone volcano video, which incorporates some of Léon’s best shots.

DroneDJ‘s take

We’ve never seen any place on earth that has attracted as much interest as this volcano when it comes to drone pilots. Perhaps Chernobyl, which continues to draw pilots capturing its haunting presence.

But Fagradalsfjall is something else. Because it’s a short drive from the capital city of Reykjavík, it’s accessible (unlike, say, Erta Ale, a highly active volcano in a very remote – and sometimes dangerous – part of Ethiopia).

In other words, we expect pilots will keep heading to Iceland’s volcano, a bit like moths to a flame. When we see posts that are significantly different from the others, we’ll let you know.

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