Things you shouldn’t do with a drone: Use it to lift your kid

things not to do with drone

We’ve all seen drone fail videos pop up on social media from time to time. Sometimes, we get a good laugh out of the misfortune, or sheer foolishness, of hapless pilots. Other times, we wonder out loud, “What the hell were you thinking?!” Guess which category this gem fits in.

The video “Parent of the year award goes to the dad flying his kid on a giant drone” has been getting some buzz on Reddit. The 50-second footage begin with a toothy kid explaining to us that he’s wearing a helmet because things are about to get “scary.”

You’d think he means “crazy,” but by the time the video ends, you realize scary indeed was the apt word choice.

So, here’s this daredevil kid who is standing underneath a giant industrial drone, probably oblivious to what propellers spinning at speed can do to do human flesh. He grabs the landing gear and the drone lifts him off the ground, its motors groaning tremendously under pressure. Thankfully, the drone doesn’t go too high because that helmet would have done precious little to save the guy’s legs if he fell.

Uh, did we say “if”? We meant “when.” Watch:

You can see how things could have gotten so much worse for this boy, the way that drone crashed… So, why do it? Why put your kid at risk and total an expensive piece of gadget for a few seconds of thrill?

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And lately, when it comes to drone users, we’ve been wondering that a lot: Why do people do the things they do… because if you really think about it, there are many rules mandated by the regulatory bodies that would seem like common sense to most, and yet people break them:

Yes, we know, an overwhelming majority of people fly safely and responsibly. But incidents like these do serve as a handy reminder of what not to do with a drone.

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