DJI upgrades free Virtual Flight app

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DJI has just released an updated version of its free Virtual Flight app designed to fix bugs and add new features, though Android users hoping to use the FPV drone simulator will still find no love.

The upgrade of the gratis Virtual Flight app is iOS v1.3.1, and can obtained on DJJ’s download page or from Apple’s App Store. The new version follows the last update, 1.2.0, released in September 2021 following the introduction of the simulator earlier that year. According to description of the product, it permits FPV beginners to obtain navigational skills, and older hands to hone their talents virtually before putting them to the test again in live environments.

“With DJI Virtual Flight, you can double the fun by learning through practice” it says. “Put on the goggles, grab your remote controller, and launch DJI Virtual Flight to learn flashy FPV freestyle tricks. Experience flying in the comfort of your own home.”

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Once loaded onto an iPhone or iPad, the upgraded app should fix bugs that had previously occurred in the DJI FPV Goggles V2 display under iOS 15.4+. 

Added content includes the “Arcade” game mode, seven-time trial tracks, and new flight training ground and video tutorials. Other enhancements include an addition guest login, a new dynamics model adjustment option, unlocked FOV limited to 150, and removal of the drone crash mechanism.

Those modifications are intended to provide an enhanced, glitch-free experience allowing users to: 

– Put on the goggles and immerse (themselves) in DJI Virtual Flight

– Try out the realistic feel of the flight controls

– Become an expert FPV drone pilot through well-designed tutorials

– Practice flying along carefully designed flight tracks

Though the new DJI Virtual Flight version has generated enthusiasm among some fans, other drone aficionados are a tad less pleased. For starters, users of Android phones, for whom the company has created no version of the app – in line with the company’s aversion to the OS. Some fans of the tech, however, have found satisfactory workarounds for that.

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Yet even some iPhone and iPad users have  discovered reasons to quibble with the new app version. In a DJI forum post just hours after the upgrade release, djiuser_3Jo1aHWDS6D6 listed several bugs discovered in the update. 

Still some bugs in the new version, including

1. The start button won’t work in the Flight tutorial

2. After viewing the flight tutorials, the start/stop button won’t work anymore when back to the training ground

3. The tutorial Landing technique won’t play

4. The words in the button are messed

5. Sometimes the screen froze in the goggles while still running on the iPhone. You need to exit to the menu in order to get it work again

Can DJI’s Virtual Flight app version 1.3.2 be far off?

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