DroneDJ Weekly: DJI releases Mini 3 Pro, UK sends drones to Ukraine, and more

This week we got the long-awaited reveal of the Mini 3 Pro from DJI, and orders are already getting delayed into June and August. So catch up on the rest of the top stories while you sip on your Monday coffee.

DJI releases its much anticipated Mini 3 Pro

DJI’s newest sub-250 gram drone is here and is better than ever. Sporting 4K60 video and 48MP photos, the Mini 3 Pro has raised the bar for what should be possible in a drone this light. Sadly the release came with a minor letdown – no live event like the Mavic 3 and M30 got. Just two short marketing videos and a few tweets.

Alongside the drone, DJI announced a new controller with a built-in display. Called the DJI RC, the controller is similar to the RC Pro, just lacking some of the more professional features, like a brighter screen and an HDMI out port.

We’ve had a chance to fly the Mini 3 Pro and the new RC for a few weeks now, and it continues to amaze us. DJI outdid themselves, fitting so much into such a small package. Check out our review and unboxing of the drone, and stay tuned this week for comparisons between controllers, drones, and more.

Shipment delays are already starting to show up

You can preorder the Mini 3 Pro from DJI’s website, third-party retailers, and now Amazon in certain countries. However, shipments are being reported by some buyers not to be coming until the end of June or August. So if you are interested in getting your hands on one, order soon or prepare to wait.

UK sending Ukraine heavy-lift drones to fight Russia

Drones have continued to play a pivotal role in Ukraine’s battle against the larger and better-funded Russian military. The UK announced an aid package that includes T150 Malloy Aeronautics heavy-lift drones. The UK Royal Navy has tested these drones with several different electronic warfare load-outs. However, the primary use for these drones is the delivery of supplies.

Ukraine has been pretty creative with how they can modify drones to be more active in combat than passive. We’ve seen several DJI drones used to deliver deadly packages in the past, and with these new heavy-lift drones, who knows what the Ukraine military could come up with.

AVSS begin sales on their new parachute system for the Mavic 3

For many drone operators, the need to attach a parachute to a drone is a requirement if you plan to fly over crowds. Now you have a new option and this time for the Mavic 3; having a parachute isn’t just for meeting regulations, but can also just ease the anxiety of flying your drone over a risky landscape.

I know I wouldn’t mind knowing that if my drone was to fall out of the sky, a parachute would gently bring it down to the ground. Hopefully, we will be able to try one of these out and give you the rundown of how good it is. You can order the Parachute Recovery System from AVSS’ website for $1,900. A steep price but since it’s designed to save your $2,200 to $5,000 drone from destruction, it might just be worth that price tag.

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