DroneAnalyst rolls out data survey for 2022 annual drone sector report

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Hang on to that new aerial video, and pause that insightful piloting advice destined for a social media post just long enough to make your UAV activities known in an even more substantial way. All that’s required is to make your voice heard in this year’s DroneAnalyst’s survey  – the data source for what many in the industry consider the most detailed, reliable, and insightful annual report on global drone activity.

Today, DroneAnalyst is going live with its 2022 survey of both private and enterprise drone users. It is encouraging everyone involved with UAVs to contribute to what is widely considered the most informative and respected annual report on drone sales, operators, types of deployment, and trends in the sector. Since launching the resource in 2016, DroneAnalyst has repeatedly adapted its overview to both broaden the scope of data collected, and adjusted its angle to be able to observe the swiftly diversifying ways that UAVs are being put to use by enthusiasts and businesses alike. 

Overseen by DroneAnalyst’s head of research David Benowitz, the annual report has shifted from an original focus on hardware sales and use to more nuanced understandings of how companies and specialized services providers are deploying UAVs. More recently, the study has measured how COVID-19 – and later US-China trade tensions – affected the drone sector, and identified trends emerging in the wider, faster adoption of drones by enterprises and public services, often for fully automated operations.

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Main insights from the 2021 report included data indicating companies and public services had increased drone spending in function of the maturing of their aerial programs; a considerable drop in DJI’s dominance of global UAV sales from 69% to 54%, and a dramatic rise in drone services revenues as companies moved beyond the initial hyping phase of activity to prove their value to a growing list of enthusiastic clients.

The 2022 survey, says Benowitz, will add new areas of investigation, including information on more advanced deployments of drones like beyond visual line of sight or flights over people. It will also ask who is using various drone-in-a-box options – and if so, which ones – and collect insight into uncrewed or imaging craft being deployed alongside drones.

Over 1,800 people answered DroneAnalyst’s 2021 survey, and the company hopes for an even larger response this year to provide richer data for the 2022 report. Ideal respondents include people who purchased a drone within the last 12 months for private or business use; commercial UAV service providers; and companies and public agencies operating drone-based activities.

If contributing your own drone piloting activity to shape the findings in the 2022 report isn’t enough motivation on its own, DroneAnalyst is offering to provide participants a free summary of the final report – a $95 value – and the chance to win one of two $400 gift cards.

The questionnaire will remain online well into August, and only takes about 10 minutes to fill in. Once it has been, respondents can go back to posting their drone videos or piloting advice to their social media feeds.

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