New DJI Avata video shows compatibility with FPV Controller

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We finally have an answer to what many people have been asking about the upcoming DJI Avata’s controller compatibility. Have no fear, DJI’s Motion Controller won’t be the only controller Avata will use, but also the standard FPV Controller 2, per an Instagram video.

A video shared by DJI insider Jasper Ellens on Twitter shows DJI’s Avata cinewhoop hovering indoors, controlled by the FPV Controller. Until now, we’ve only heard rumors that the FPV Controller would be compatible with Avata but nothing concrete like this video.

The FPV Controller is the standard controller used with DJI’s FPV drone. One of the company’s more basic controllers, offering no screen (why would you need it if you have goggles). The controller does provide some unique options, like a dedicated start/stop button on the back and a lanyard anchor on the front.

The Motion Controller is even more stripped down, only offering the bare minimum for flight. The cool thing about this controller is that it uses your wrist tilting to control the drone’s direction. You make some convenience trade-offs with the smaller remote, but overall it has been received well.

DJI Avata controller compatibility

With the FPV drone, you will always get the standard controller in the box, and the Motion Controller is an additional $199 add-on. But we’ve seen leaked images of Avata boxes that show the Motion Controller, hinting that it might come with the drone instead of being sold separately.

Some are hoping you will be able to choose which controller you get when ordering the Avata, similar to choosing between the RC-N1 and RC controllers for the Mini 3 Pro. We will have to wait for more leaks or the official release of the drone to find out what will be officially compatible. But right now, we can see the DJI Avata should be compatible with both the FPV Controller 2 and Motion Controller at release. Avata’s release could be soon since we’ve seen more videos and photos of the drone in the wild.

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