DJI updates RC Pro firmware enables Mini 3 Pro compatibility

DJI RC Pro Mini 3

DJI has announced the release of new firmware for its RC Pro handset in tandem with an update to the Mini 3 Pro drone, making the two products compatible as users have been clamoring for over the last few months.

Leading consumer and enterprise drone manufacturer DJI announced the release of the updated RC Pro firmware version v03.01.0900 Wednesday alongside the rollout of a new OS for the Mini 3 Pro (more on that, eventually). The upshot of the upgrades is that the two products may now be used together, answering the prayers Mini 3 Pro users have been sending up since the drone was introduced in May. 

At that time, DJI’s long-awaited new UAV was sold only with the smaller, basic RC-N1 (or none at all).

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In case there’s any doubt as to how welcome this development is, consider the tweet of @DARRENMPRO, who was the first person to secure, unbox, record, and upload video of the then-still-rumored Mini 3 Pro initially issued with the standard RC-N1.

Until now, the RC Pro was only compatible with DJI’s Mavic 3 and Air 2S. The advantages of the premium remote include external antennae for better connectivity, a brighter screen, and enhancement of certain features.

“For you guys who already have an RC Pro, this is like Christmas come early to you,” @DARRENMPRO says in his per-usual super-fast YouTube video responses to the latest DJI product news. “I have heard and have been asked so many times, ‘When will compatibility come between the Mini 3 Pro and RC Pro?’ Well, today, you’ve got it… Go and get this installed, and go have fun.”

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The DJI RC Pro firmware update also includes a new DJI Fly v1.6.12 version. The wider upgrade, the company says, will add support in using the remote with DJI Mini 3 Pro, as well asl FPV Live functionality. It will also fix some unspecified “minor bugs.”

DJI adds that for the RC Pro upgrade to attain its updated features, firmware of the DJI Mini 3 Pro also must be updated to v01.00.0300 or later.

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