DJI releases firmware update to fix Mini 3 Pro Hyperlapse jitteriness

DJI Mini 3 Pro august firmware update

DJI has released a new firmware update for the Mini 3 Pro. The beginner-friendly drone has received some major stabilizations with this update, along with gaining compatibility with the RC Pro controller.

Aircraft firmware v01.00.0300 is now available for the DJI Mini 3 drone, along with RC-N1 remote controller firmware v04.14.0300 and DJI RC remote controller firmware v01.01.0300.

The sub-250-gram Mini 3 Pro becomes compatible with DJI RC Pro remote controller with the new software package. And to use the two devices together, you will need to update the RC Pro firmware to v03.01.0900. In addition, don’t forget to update the DJI Fly app, whose version 1.6.12 is now available to download.

This new firmware is pretty significant for the $909 drone. While compatibility with the high-performance DJI RC Pro controller is something many users desired, the update also optimizes two big features of the Mini 3 Pro.

First, it increases the stability of footage when using Hyperlapse, which is an intelligent flight mode that enables the drone to automatically take photos and create a timelapse video. There had been several complaints of jitteriness with Hyperlapse shots. It was especially a bummer for those who had upgraded their drone from the Mini 2 because Hyperlapse is one of those things that the $449 drone cannot do (unless you use a third-party flight app).

Although Mini 3 Pro Hyperlapse videos are now expected to become much smoother, it’s worth mentioning that the last firmware update also brought along several Hyperlapse improvements.

In the meantime, the second optimization in firmware v01.00.0300 is directed at Panorama shots. DJI has increased the camera tilt angle range when shooting in Panorama for better imaging of the sky. Mini 3 Pro supports four Panorama modes: Sphere, 180-degree, Wide Angle, and social-media-friendly Vertical.

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