EVTOL air taxi developer Archer to unveil its production craft in November

Archer eVTOL air taxi

Next-generation electric takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developer Archer Aviation has announced it will be presenting the version of the air taxi it will take into production at an event in November.

Archer made the announcement today, saying the unveiling would allow attendees to get a first look at the eVTOL, which the company is calling Midnight, when the production air taxi is introduced on November 16. In addition to discussing various details about the craft, Archer executives will host breakout sessions focusing on the company’s work toward obtaining its certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Similar talks will be conducted explaining Midnight’s powertrain.

In the two days following presentation of the production eVTOL, guests will also be able to view continuing trials of Archer’s demonstrator Maker air taxi as it makes transition flights at the company’s testing facility.

The event will mark another milestone in Archer’s work to create its sustainable, battery-powered next-generation eVTOL, which after FAA certification and production launch is expected to go into air taxi service toward the middle of the decade. 

It will also give the company an opportunity to provide participants with full information about its near-term timetable, as well as its developing business plans for advanced air mobility activities.

Ahead of the craft’s unveiling, Archer has said:

  • Midnight is being developed as a high-performance, high-safety, and low-noise aircraft that will be capable of carrying four passengers and a pilot up to 100 miles. 
  • The aircraft will be focused on high-demand trips of 10-50 miles in and around city centers, and optimized to perform back-to-back short-distance flights (~20 miles) with 10-minute charge cycles in between.  
  • Midnight’s debut comes on the heels of its recent flight testing momentum, and the company is now conducting multiple flight tests each week. The debut will be the highlight of the event, representing the culmination of four years of progress since launching out of stealth. 
  • Midnight recently completed Preliminary Design Review, providing confidence that the technology supports Archer’s long-term commercial objectives. The aircraft is on track to achieve FAA Type Certification by the end of 2024. 

Presentation of Archer’s Midnight air taxi will take place in the company’s San José facilities, which the Palo Alto-based company reportedly plans to use as its new headquarters.

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