DJI FPV drone combo falls to $899 in Black Friday 2022 deal

dji drone deals black friday 2022 fpv

Tech giant DJI’s Black Friday 2022 sale has begun with the company’s first preassembled, ready-to-fly FPV drone combo coming down to $899 in its biggest-ever price cut.

The DJI FPV Combo was initially launched in 2021 for $1,299. At the time, it was the only FPV drone combo that you could buy off the shelf to “fly like a racer, hover like a traditional drone, accelerate like a homebuilt project, and stop faster than any of them.”

DJI has introduced another FPV drone called Avata this year, essentially offering an aircraft that is safe enough to fly indoors too. But that doesn’t make the company’s original FPV drone any less attractive to those who want to experience the absolute thrill of immersive flight without spending hours building a system from scratch.

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Capable of achieving a max speed of 140 kph (87 mph), DJI FPV Combo offers unmatched reliability and transmission range to help pilots capture ultrasmooth and stable 4K video at 60 fps with the assistance of RockSteady electronic image stabilization.

And let’s not forget the motion controller that allows a total newbie to fly FPV without the use of sticks, along the lines of how the old Wii controllers worked. Simply move the controller in space and squeeze the throttle trigger. The motion controller combo can be picked up for $1,098 today.

Black Friday 2022: Free ND filter set with DJI FPV drone

What’s more, if you buy this drone from Adorama, you will get the PolarPro Shutter Collection Filter worth $73.60 for free. The set includes three essential filters – ND8, ND16, and ND32 – ideal for capturing the golden hour or flying during midday or bright filming environments.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to spend more time in the air with extra batteries, or want accessories like a microSD card and carrying case, there are some neat deals and discounts on offer for that as well. The DJI FPV drone Fly More Kit, for instance, is available for $1,189.49 on Adorama and includes a free PGYTECH Professional ND Filter Set.

Ready to fly FPV drones for under 100 bucks?

In case you are a complete beginner and want to dip your toe in the world of FPV flying without breaking the bank, you can explore some amazing deals on ready-to-fly FPV drones here.

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