INVOLI offers full drone and plane detect and avoid capacities with G-1090 transponder line

INVOLI drone

Swiss drone aviation tech company INVOLI has released a new range of detect and avoid transponders that will enable  safe operation of UAVs in areas where crewed and other larger craft may be in operation.

Lausanne-based INVOLI announced the introduction of its full range of G-1090 air traffic surveillance receivers that detect signals from all kinds of airplanes, gliders, drones, and other cooperative craft operating in uncontrolled airspaces and low-altitude U-spaces. The quickly set up and durable transponders provide users awareness of aircraft presence within a 20-kilometer area.

The five types of ground-based units in INVOLI’s G-1090 line are designed for easy plug-and-play installation by operators of drones or other craft to keep abreast of local air traffic during their missions; or for permanent operation around utility, telecommunications, airport, and other infrastructure requiring detect and avoid capabilities. The devices automatically pick up signals from various types of aerial vehicles and relay those to a central server, which processes that data and makes if visible on the connected. platform. 

In addition to the standard INVOLI G-1090 transponder – which detects 1090 MHz frequency signals and uses the company’s proprietary Multilateration to calculate the position of aircraft emitting Mode S and Mode A/C messages or validate the position sent through ADS-B messages ­– the range includes four specialized variants:

·  G-1090 FLARM ensures the detection of aircraft equipped with FLARM transceivers, such as gliders, helicopters, and some general aviation aircraft, and is intended for use in European nations; 

·  G-1090 UAT captures transponder messages over the 978 Mhz frequency, and is specific to the USA market;

·  G-1090 RemoteID incorporates 2.4 GHz antenna capable of detecting drones broadcasting their positions and ID over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols;

·  G-1090 Interrogator, which has a been granted a US patented, is equipped with a 1030 MHz interrogator capable of interrogating aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S, and Mode A/C transponders, and is designed for operation in areas where no interrogations from surveillance radars are present, allowing Mode S and Mode A/C transponders to send their information.

INVOLI chief business officer Olivier Quero says the extended line of G-1090 transponders will allow operators of drone missions and any customer wanting full air traffic awareness and detection and avoidance capabilities in specific spaces the widest range of use scenarios available.

“By installing your ground-based surveillance system, comprising a set of G-1090 receivers, you will be able to locate all cooperative aircraft crossing your mission airspace,” he says. “Thanks to the G-1090 solution, our customers can create or extend their coverage for Traffic Information Service, enabling all the advantages coming from the personalized U-space/UTM solution.”

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