Iris Automation, Becker Avionics team up in enhanced detection and avoidance project for planes, UAV

detection avoidance UAV

Leading US drone safety technology company Iris Automation and 65-year old German aviation supply firm Becker Avionics are teaming up to develop new detection and avoidance solutions that allow piloted aircraft and uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV) to identify potential collision risks and steer clear of them.

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Iris Automation announces ‘Pathfinder’ BVLOS program

For many commercial operations, being able to fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight opens the door to new opportunities. Now, Iris Automation has partnered to help offer a solution to operations in Canada seeking to get to this next stage.

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Drones with ‘detect and avoid’ tech tested in Blacksburg, Virginia

Drones with ‘detect and avoid’ tech are being tested in Blacksburg, Virginia. One of the unmanned aircraft is a fixed-wing, NASA-operated Tempest drone. The other one is a more traditional quadcopter carrying a special box. The two drones are set on a collision course, but before actually colliding the quadcopter should autonomously detect and avoid the fixed-wing drone.

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