Dronetag releases ultra-small internal remote ID module for global drone producers

Dronetag drone DRI

Czech UAV tech company Dronetag is starting 2023 with the rollout of its new Direct Remote ID (DRI) product, designed as an ultra-small internal component for incorporation by drone manufacturers around the world.

Dronetag says its new DRI unit is the world’s “the smallest and lightest device offering affordable Direct/Broadcast Remote capability,” and an ideal, ready-to-use component for drone manufacturers producing UAVs compliant with remote ID rules coming into force in the US, European Union, and elsewhere around the globe.

Founded by Czech technological students doubling as avid drone pilots and DIY geeks, Dronetag initially produced its Mini remote ID unit. That device (“about half the size a muesli bar,” according to the company) is externally mounted on craft by users wanting to immediately make their craft visible to other pilots or airspace monitors.

Dronetag’s new DRI module shrinks that tech down to about the size of a US quarter or euro coin (0.89 × 0.63 inches for sticklers) for internal fitting by drone producers seeking compliance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Standard Remote ID and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) C-class regulations. 

The single-sided board is mounted inside drones using double-sided tape or M2 screws. Dronetag notes that its existing app also manages settings and firmware updates for the new DRI product, eliminating any need to take a drone apart to get to and work with the module. The company adds that a nearing firmware update will also allow UAV manufacturers and resellers to remotely troubleshoot customer problems through associated diagnostic Dataflash logs for inspection.

“We feel confident to say that our solution is a game-changer for all drone manufacturers,” the company says in a communique on the product – which is available to producers for a pre-order, per-unit price of pre-order price of $49 or €49 that may be modified for bulk purchases. “The DRI solution for Remote ID is tearing down barriers to meet requirements set by the FAA, EASA, and other regulators. We designed DRI as Plug & Play, eliminating the need for additional adjustments or settings.”

In addition to respecting US and EU remote ID regulations, Dronetag says its DRI product is adapted for deployment in all nations using F3411 or EN 4709-002 standards, including the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.

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