HevenDrones unveils its first of three hydrogen-powered drones planned for 2023

HevenDrones hydrogen drone

HevenDrones is pursuing its efforts to produce longer-lasting, sustainable alternatives to lithium battery-powered UAV flights with today’s introduction of its first hydrogen-fueled H2D55 drone.

Israel-based HevenDrones unveiled the H2D55 as the first of three drones using hydrogen technology that it plans to release over the course of 2023. The initial UAV uses the deeper power reserves of hydrogen compared to lithium batteries to enable flights of up to 100 minutes while transporting maximum payloads of 7 kilos. The company says the models it’s preparing for release over the next nine months will increase both air time and hauling capacities.

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HevenDrones says that in addition to the hydrogen tech of the H2D55 offering users more power, the longer life of those cells over lithium batteries will also lower costs of deploying the drone. 

For starters, less frequent swapping of spent batteries means reduced interruptions in flights, and therefore longer air time and work completed during any given period. The longer life cycle of hydrogen cells, meanwhile, will cut replacement costs compared to traditional power sources – and do the planet a favor by eliminating the environmental damage inflicted by mining for materials used in lithium batteries.

Like the new H2D55 drone, HevenDrones is developing the wider carbon neutral, hydrogen-powered H2D UAV product line to meet the demands of both enterprise and defense customers.

In addition to being lightweight and customizable for different kinds of aerial applications, the H2D55 is programmed with a control system containing multiple gyroscopes, and which supports algorithms designed to extend the operating limits of stable flight.

“We are delighted to bring hydrogen-powered drones to the global market, and we are excited to see the expanding range of use-cases across numerous industries,” said Bentzion Levinson, CEO of HevenDrones. “Not only do actionable drones add immense value to key areas of our economy and society, but we are working to ensure that this value is compounded by reduced carbon emissions and general energy efficiency by using hydrogen. The H2D55 is our first step toward achieving this vision.”

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HevenDrones will display the H2D55 later this month at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi, where potential clients can learn about the drone’s hydrogen power system, and various enterprise and security potentials. 

The latter applications include last-mile and just-in-time deliveries; measuring nutrient levels of soil; precision crop spraying; collecting risk-assessment data for construction companies; surveying real estate for reforestation projects; and aiding emergency responders in risk assessment. The former include prolonged surveillance missions, and supplying larger quantities of medical aid, food, and ammunition to troops.

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