DroneShield drone detection software gets new firmware update

DroneOptID droneshield drone detection cunter-drone software

Counter-drone specialist DroneShield has released a new firmware update for its AI-powered drone detection, identification, and tracking software DroneOptID.

DroneOptID is a computer vision-based system used to control various thermal and optical sensors, and detect, classify, and track small drones. The camera-agnostic software solution has been trained on close to 100,000 individual samples to classify targets. Once the target drone is in the field of view of its camera, the software uses motion tracking and machine learning techniques to identify and track the threat.

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The major upgrades that the drone detection software’s latest firmware package contains include:

  • Improved scan pattern performance: Major performance improvement to the optical scan pattern algorithm for faster target acquisition from radar and RF detections.
  • Improved object size estimation: Significant improvement to the passive optical object size estimation, enabling dynamic optical distance estimation adjustments when the distance was previously acquired by other sensors.
  • Deep DroneOpt2 integration: Full-featured integration of the DroneOpt2 camera supporting both thermal and optical feeds with DroneOptID classification.
  • AI model optimization: Detection model optimization for faster acquisition and improved high-speed target optical tracking.
  • Integration for sensor fusion applications: DroneOptID provides a data stream designed to integrate with sensor fusion-based systems such as DroneSentry-C2.
  • Reduced optical false detections: Expansion of the DroneOptID data sets, reducing false detection probability.

According to Angus Bean, chief technology officer at DroneShield, as the counter-drone industry matures and the end user community begins taking back control of their low-altitude airspace, the use of electronic countermeasures has become a vital part of the response action. “Our partners often require visual confirmation of the target prior to the use of such countermeasures,” Bean points out. “This DroneOptID quarterly firmware release expands the reliability, accuracy, and functionality of a critical piece of technology.”

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