3D-printing construction drone swarms soar to testing success

drone swarm construction

Researchers have announced their proof-of- concept success in testing a system using swarms of drones as flying 3D printers of materials in the construction and repair of buildings, inspired by the way bees and wasps assemble their nests.

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3D printing produces cheaper, heat resistant firefighter drones

A pair of ground-breaking startups are pooling their tech capacities, hardware, and experience in an effort to develop drones specially designed for deployment by firefighters, using heat resistant materials and 3D printing power to speed production and lower costs.

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Drone makers turning to superior 3D-printed UAS components

As the capabilities and popularity of drones grow among consumers and businesses users alike, unmanned aerial system (UAS) manufacturers can find it tough to keep pace with demand. As a result, many are now turning to faster 3D printing of key components.

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