GreenSight’s drone-based WeatherHive system on USAF shortlist


Boston-based startup GreenSight is reporting a significant business breakthrough with the selection of its WeatherHive drone swarm atmosphere sensing tech for prototype development by the US Air Force (USAF) and Defense Innovation Unit (DIU).

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3D-printing construction drone swarms soar to testing success

Researchers have announced their proof-of- concept success in testing a system using swarms of drones as flying 3D printers of materials in the construction and repair of buildings, inspired by the way bees and wasps assemble their nests.

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Teal to roll out four-drone, single-operator mini-swarm platform

Aerial tech group Red Cat Holdings has announced its Teal Drones unit is introducing a product allowing a single pilot to operate four UAVs simultaneously, offering swarm performance and effectiveness to defense and enterprise users alike.

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Future of Life Institute continues call to ban AI-powered drone swarms

A new Orwellian video released by the Future of Life Institute calls on the United Nations to ban AI-powered drone swarms. Showcasing a hypothetical future, the video’s been watched more than 3 million times – and even artificial intelligence pioneer Elon Musk seems alarmed.

While the video may not be real, it raises important questions about the future of drone-based weapons the regulations surrounding them.

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Electric Sky developing beam to remotely power drone flights

Innovating startup Electric Sky is working on an energy transmitter to beam power to both single and swarms of drones in flight, and has now been backed by a grant from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

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This tiny drone can pollinate crops to help overworked bees

Bees are among the most hardworking creatures on the planet. But in many parts of the world, honeybee colonies are declining so quickly that even the United Nations is worried. About two-thirds of the crops that feed the world rely on pollination by bees and other insects. Without them, we’d be looking at an agricultural doomsday scenario. And this is exactly what a University of Maryland professor wants to avoid – with the help of an army of tiny drones.

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