Military Drones Stories April 26

Mexican authorities have ordered two suspected drug cartel operatives to stand trial on charges that they outfitted commercial drones with explosives for use in attacks on security forces.

The April 24 decision to prosecute came less than a week after a pair of police officers were injured by devices in a commercial drone as they cleared a road blocked by drug cartels in the state of Michoacán.

Officials said the attack suggested Mexico’s criminal gangs may hope to use drones as weapons with greater frequency in the future.

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Military Drones Stories April 23

The US military wants to deploy a network of surveillance drones to keep an eye on small, unmanned aerial vehicles in urban cities. And it is looking for an organization to further test and develop its signal processing algorithms.

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Military Drones Stories April 1

A former Air Force analyst pleaded guilty to leaking documents on the US’s drone strikes against terrorist targets, including al-Qaida. The leaker pleaded guilty just a few days before he was set to go on trial for infringing on the Espionage Act.

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Military Drones Stories March 9

When it comes to military drones, the applications are pretty much reduced to two: Intelligence gathering and obliteration. But the US military wants to arm drones with non-lethal weapons… And some of the ideas are intriguing.

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Military Drones Stories February 23

Drone manufacturer Edge Group has released its latest drones, the QX family of loitering or kamikaze drones, at IDEX 2021. The company has also used the show as an opportunity to show off its Shadow 50 and Shadow 25 drones and a new variant of the RW-24 drone.

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Military Drones Stories February 18

A new video reveals some of the ways in which drones might soon be helping Britain’s naval forces. The Royal Marines recently put a number of drone technologies to the test – and for a number of different purposes.

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