Military Drones Stories May 23

It’s not quite Star Wars, but laser weapons are real. The US Navy just demonstrated that capability when it downed a drone in tests of a new ship-mounted laser in the Pacific Ocean. expand full story

Military Drones Stories May 22

For half a week in early May, the skies over Latvia were virtually shut down when an experimental drone went missing over the country. At last the drone has shown up, stuck in a tree. expand full story

The US Army has successfully deployed a spy drone out of a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter while in flight. The demo took place over Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, in early March and has just recently been made public.

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Military Drones Stories May 8

Cheap little drones have become a powerful weapon in modern warfare. A quadcopter with a grenade attached can do a lot of damage at little cost, allowing terror groups like ISIS to threaten much larger military forces. But the larger forces are fighting back with a new drone interceptor. expand full story

Military Drones Stories May 5

Is this the first step to Skynet? Boeing this week has unveiled an autonomous fighter jet for the Australian air force that can fly in formation with manned planes to play a role the company calls “Loyal Wingman.” expand full story

Military Drones Stories May 1

Military drones collect a lot of data from their cameras and other sensors. Right now, they stream back whatever they can, leaving humans and computers back at the base to sort through. Now the US Air Force wants to equip the drones with the brains to analyze the data in real-time. expand full story

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