Reliable Robotics successfully turns Cessna planes into unmanned aircraft

Cessna plane unmanned aircraft

Two Cessna planes made history by taking off, flying, and landing without anyone on board, thanks to California startup Reliable Robotics. The flight of a Cessna 172 took place in airspace just outside of San Jose, California, in September 2019, and a Cessna 208 did the same in June of this year.

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Suspected drone collision with Cessna 172 causes $4,000 in damage


Canadian authorities are looking into a suspected drone collision with a Cessna 172 that caused $4,000 USD in damage. The drone incident occurred near an airport in  British Columbia. During a training flight, the Cessna 172, owned by Abbotsford-based Chinook Helicopters, was making its final approach at Chilliwack Airport when its left wing collided with the suspected unmanned aerial vehicle. The collision “left blue bits on the wing” of the Cessna, according to the flight school owner Cathy Press.

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