Reliable Robotics completes first remote flight of aircraft from a private control center

Reliable Robotics flight private

Reliable Robotics has completed the first flight of a remotely piloted aircraft from a private control center. The plane was piloted from its Mountain View, California-based headquarters over 50 miles away from the upgraded and retrofitted Cessna 208 Caravan.

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Reliable Robotics’ drones could revolutionize the fresh fruit industry

Reliable Robotics, which is best known for converting Cessnas into autonomous drones, has partnered with fresh produce company Guimarra to help solve supply chain issues in the fresh produce industry by delivering with its autonomous Cessna drones.

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Reliable Robotics successfully turns Cessna planes into unmanned aircraft

Two Cessna planes made history by taking off, flying, and landing without anyone on board, thanks to California startup Reliable Robotics. The flight of a Cessna 172 took place in airspace just outside of San Jose, California, in September 2019, and a Cessna 208 did the same in June of this year.

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