Transport Canada Stories May 3

Transport Canada (TC) has announced the formation of CanaDAC – where those last three letters stand for Drone Advisory Committee. The committee will serve “as a national forum for industry stakeholders to inform priority policy and regulatory areas of focus for TC.” Let’s see what it’s about.

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Transport Canada Stories April 22

An online drone Flight Review network is launching in Canada. It aims to make things easier for drone operators seeking a Flight Review, where a Transport Canada-endorsed Flight Reviewer observes proficiency with flying and quizzes the pilot about airspace and other safety regulations.

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Transport Canada Stories March 24

There’s no doubt drones are here to stay. But as their roles increase, regulators are addressing a more comprehensive vision of how these devices fit into overall policies and priorities. Now, Canada has released a document outlining its vision until 2025.

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Transport Canada Stories January 7

We believe rules are there for a reason. And both the Federal Aviation Administration and its Canadian equivalent, Transport Canada, have tried to strike a balance between maintaining safe airspace and letting drone pilots go about their business. But there will always be those who ignore the rules.

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Transport Canada Stories November 13, 2020

It may be Friday the 13th, but it’s also National Drone Safety Awareness day in Canada. It’s Canada’s inaugural drone safety day — and comes just before the FAA launches its National Drone Safety Awareness week. Let’s find out more.

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Transport Canada Stories July 22, 2020

A drone company in Canada has been granted a one-year permit for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flights. Transport Canada is allowing In-flight data to use drones day or night, anywhere in Canada, providing the risk to public safety is low.

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