DJI Tello drone helps visually impaired people to play badminton [Video]

drone badminton

A team of Japanese researchers has come up with a novel solution that enables people with low vision to play badminton. The unique concept replaces the shuttlecock with an encased DJI Tello drone and requires a special set of rackets.

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DJI releases new, smarter, Robomaster Tello Talent drone

DJI has released a new drone aimed at the educational market. It picks up from the Tello EDU model and adds a ton of new features – including the ability to fly a group of the drones in a swarm.

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Facebook and Berkeley use AI to train mini delivery drone

Researchers at Facebook and the University of California, Berkeley, published a new paper showing how a drone can use AI to learn to handle different delivery payloads under changing conditions. The work could come in handy as drones increasingly operate in tight spaces such as warehouses or industrial sites.

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