Finnish drone company to trial same-day newspaper delivery to lake island residents

drone newspaper delivery

Newspapers worldwide have been decimated to near extinction by various disruptive technologies over the past decade, but a Finnish company is preparing to give local dailies a lift by assuring prompt delivery of papers to subscribers on secluded lake islands south of the city of Tampere.

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Alphabet’s Wing drone deliveries to take off in Finland

Google parent Alphabet Inc’s Wing will launch drone deliveries in Finland in the Spring of 2019, according to a statement. The company announced that it will start to deliver goods and packages up to 3.3 pounds in a range of 6.2 miles in Helsinki. Last July, Wing recently became an independent company as it was spun out of Alphabet’s X research division. The company is led by James Ryan Burgess and has been actively testing with drone deliveries in Australia, delivering burritos among other things.

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The four seasons of Kotisaari Island captured with a drone

Nature photographer, Jani Ylinampa captured the beauty of Kotisaari Island during the four seasons with his drone. Until 1980, the island used to be a meeting point for the lumberjacks of Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. One of the buildings on the island has since been converted into a tavern and a daily ferry brings tourists to and from the island. As Kotisaari Island is only four miles from the Arctic Circle, flying a drone during the winter months proved to be a real challenge.

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