European Union Stories January 18

Counter-drone company DroneShield has received its first order from the EU police agreement announced back in May of last year. The product chosen in the order is the well-known DroneGun Tactical and will allow the police force to take down drones if required.

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European Union Stories December 11, 2020

Drone manufacturer Dronamics has signed up 35 European airports to act as drone hubs after the recent drone law changes. The airports would allow for future drones to take-off and land and drop off packages in a new world of transportation.

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European Union Stories July 27, 2020

DroneShield has shared that it has successfully deployed its DroneSentinel anti-drone system in collaboration with Deutsche Telekom, known as T-Mobile, at a European airport. The newly installed tech will be used to evaluate the solution for airports around Europe.

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European Union Stories July 24, 2020

DroneShield has just announced that the European Ministry of Defence has put in an order for its RadarZero anti-drone portable system. The news comes after an eventful week for DroneShield who just won a contract with the US Air Force to deploy multiple systems.

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European Union Stories January 3, 2019

Project Safir aims to set rules commercial drone operations in Europe

Like the U.S., Europe is moving to set the ground rules for commercial drone operations. Before drones can fly to make deliveries in crowded urban areas without crashing into each other, a standardized set of regulations is needed. Project Safir aims to help develop a set of ground rules for safe commercial drone operations in Europe.

European Union Stories April 19, 2018

Right now anybody in the European Union and Switzerland can simply buy a drone and start flying it right away as long as they are in compliance with the law. However, this may soon change as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is currently drafting a law that will require aspiring hobbyist and commercial drone pilots to acquire a license before they are allowed to fly their unmanned aerial aircraft. Since Switzerland typically follows the EU aviation laws, it is expected that the new rule will apply there as well according to the Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt (BAZL), the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation. The new rules may become in effect in 2019.

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