Watch a DJI FPV drone take on Porsche and Mercedes-Benz on the race track

dji fpv drone racing car

Have you ever wanted to watch the new DJI FPV drone race some of the world’s coolest hardcore sports cars? Well, we’ve got not one, but two amazing videos that should satiate your craving for speed and excitement!

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PBS story explores the appeal – and physics – of FPV drones

PBS, the Public Broadcasting System, has pulled together a really awesome video that introduces the FPV experience to non-pilots. It even goes into the physics of how drones fly.

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How DJI’s upcoming FPV drone will change the FPV world

All of this waiting for DJI’s new FPV drone has given us some time to reflect. What impact might this product have upon the sector. The answer? We think it’s really going to shake things up. Let us tell you why.

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