So, you want to raise a champion drone pilot? Here’s how Cathy Vanover did it

drone racing league champion alex vanover mom cathy interview

Alex Vanover started racing drones as a teenager. Today, the 2019 Drone Racing League (DRL) Champion, flies professionally. When he’s not competing across real-life, esports, and metaverse drone racing events, Vanover can be found filming immersive FPV footage for Michael Bay films, Justin Bieber music videos, and other A-list celebrities. He credits his mother, Cathy Vanover, as his biggest advocate. So, this Mother’s Day, we talked to Cathy to understand how she nurtured a sporting prodigy.

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Taking drone remote sensing from ‘imprecise’ NDVI to accurate leaf-level identification

By detecting and identifying vegetation irregularities at an early stage, drone-based remote sensing can minimize losses to growers everywhere. But do the current methods of aerial remote sensing qualify to be called “precision” agriculture? Not really, according to this manufacturer of multispectral sensors.

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Nigerian TikTok star, 22, lands Finland drone job through social media videos

At first, Ignatius Asabor’s journey from Nigeria to Finland could sound like feel-good fiction. “You can’t imagine how happy I am,” he tells you with his trademark toothy grin. But dig deeper, and you realize it’s a story of ambition, hard work, and tenacity. It also serves as a case in point that social media can be a very powerful tool in landing your dream job.

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