Drone Art Stories January 25

We’ve all seen plenty of digital manipulation of regular photos for the sake of art. But a digital artist from France has taken that a step further: He creates fantastical works of art from drone images.

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Drone Art Stories November 27, 2020

Jack of all trades Reuben Wu has released his latest series, Light Storm, which incorporates a drone to create ghostly lights and illuminate the eroding Utah landscape. Wu has created the photos for the clothing brand Vollebak.

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Drone Art Stories April 10, 2020

There seems to be an emoji for everything. And often there are multiple emojis, like three kinds of cocktails. But a drone emoji is not among the images you can add to your texts and emails. A new campaign by drone services company DroneUp aims to change that. expand full story

Drone Art Stories February 4, 2019

We have seen artists use drones before to light paint shapes in the sky, however never as elaborate or advanced as what Russel Klimas has done. He uses hundreds of waypoints in Litchi to accurately paint a figure with light (and a drone) in the sky. With enough work and preparation, the possibilities of drone light painting using waypoints and Litchi are pretty much endless. Check it out.

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Drone Art Stories December 21, 2018

YouTube creators, Ivan Miranda and Tom Stanton went to work and first created a DIY light stick, and a second version was then mounted on to a drone. The resulting light painted images are pretty amazing as you will see in the videos below. We have seen other creations that were light-painted in the sky with a drone before as well as other drone photography works.

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Drone Art Stories March 7, 2018

These photos are some of the best drone-based art, we have come across in a while. Photographer Reuben Wu has been using drones with LED lights attached to them to light landscapes at night. Also referred to as light painting. In these photos he added another element, a drone create halo effect over the rock pinnacles. as you can see in the photos the result is amazing!

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