Drone Art Stories June 8

A giant fiberglass sculpture in the shape of a drone has turned up atop a 25-foot-tall steel pole in a public park in New York. The structure is stripped of all details – decals, landing gear, cameras, or even weapons. But what is it doing there in the first place?

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Drone Art Stories June 7

Car designers spend countless hours creating shapes and refining lines that we often take for granted. But Porsche Dubai’s photo shoot for the new 2021 Panamera celebrates the machine’s contours at a scale so grand that you can’t help but take notice. And adding a futuristic, cyberpunk feel to this surreal ad campaign is a photography technique called drone light painting.

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Drone Art Stories May 1

Something super cool went by on Twitter today. At first we were mesmerized. Then we thought: Were drones involved? The answer is yes. Yes, indeed.

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Drone Art Stories January 25

We’ve all seen plenty of digital manipulation of regular photos for the sake of art. But a digital artist from France has taken that a step further: He creates fantastical works of art from drone images.

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Drone Art Stories November 27, 2020

Jack of all trades Reuben Wu has released his latest series, Light Storm, which incorporates a drone to create ghostly lights and illuminate the eroding Utah landscape. Wu has created the photos for the clothing brand Vollebak.

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Drone Art Stories April 10, 2020

There seems to be an emoji for everything. And often there are multiple emojis, like three kinds of cocktails. But a drone emoji is not among the images you can add to your texts and emails. A new campaign by drone services company DroneUp aims to change that. expand full story

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