Lume Cube Stories January 8

Drone photography can always be fun to look at because of the unique perspective it offers. But what if the drone could be used as a paintbrush to make light paintings instead of capturing the image?

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Lume Cube Stories March 23, 2020

A lot has been going on recently with the coronavirus and the quarantines around the world. We conducted some shoots to raise awareness about the coronavirus and quarantines, illuminating a single subject with a LumeCube at night.

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Lume Cube Stories November 14, 2018

Today, Lume Cube announced an all-new re-designed light for content creators of all kinds. The Lume Cube AIR is the smallest, lightest, and most portable lighting device on the market. Combining a portable and waterproof design, versatile mounting options, the freedom of wireless control, and a range of diffusers inside the box, the latest solution is an affordable, all-in-one light that allows anyone to create better photo and video. Compatible with everything from a smartphone to a DSLR, the Lume Cube AIR provides professional quality lighting in any environment.

In case you’re wondering what Lume CubesĀ are good for, check out these amazing drone photos of glaciers, night sky and rock formations!

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