Drone video reveals first look of ‘Star Wars: Andor’ film set

Star wars andor drone

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone! And boy, have we got a little treat for you from a galaxy far, far away!

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The Drone – a movie about an evil DJI Phantom

The new year starts off with a movie, called The Drone. I guess it was inevitable that at some point a horror movie starring a drone would be made. Well, it is here. Perhaps a little sooner than most of us would have expected. In the movie, a DJI Phantom is possessed by a deranged serial killer and takes on a life of its own. The evil drone sets out to terrorize newlyweds Rachel (Alexandra Essoe) and Chris (John Brotherton).

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DJI releases action-packed martial arts movie

DJI released a short film, called: The Teacher. The film is almost 15 minutes long and it seems as if no expenses were spared in the making of this Chinese martial arts ‘movie’. Presumingly, DJI products were used in the making of the video even though it is not specifically mentioned. It would make sense however that DJI products, such as a Ronin Gimbal, Inspire 2 drone, Zenmuse X7 camera and maybe even the DJI Master Wheels were used. There is a lot of action-packed martial arts fighting going on and if you have 15 minutes to spare the film is definitely worth watching.

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